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Daimler is to Reuse Electric Car Batteries to Create Energy Storage Systems

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Daimler is to Reuse Electric Car Batteries to Create Energy Storage Systems

Daimler AG—a German multinational automotive corporation—is planning to recycle old batteries from electric and plug-in hybrid cars to create power storage systems.

According to a renowned technology news and information website, the first of these storage facilities will be designed for commercial use. The same will be the biggest facility in the world to be powered by electric vehicle batteries. It will be connected to the electrical grid in Lunen, Germany.

The first “2nd use battery storage unit” will be created up by making use of 1,000 smart electric drive vehicle batteries. It will have a capacity of 13 million watt hours (MWh),

The energy generated will be stored and would be given back to the grid if it encounters weather or equipment failure. In this manner, it would prevent energy fluctuation in the process.

The company said that customers who have electric cars would receive a battery life of up to 10 years as per the model. “However, the battery systems are still fully operational after this point, as the low levels of power loss are only of minor importance when used in stationary storage,” Daimler added. “It is estimated that the unit can operate efficiently in a stationary application for at least another ten years.”

The company is going to receive support from battery-to-grid integrator The Mobility House AG, energy service provider GETEC and recycling company REMONDIS in order to complete the project successfully.

The company’s subsidiary Accumotive will be responsible for reprocessing about ,000 old lithium-ion batteries and wire them into groups of 46, each group is supposed to provide  600 kWh of energy.

It is a futuristic concept that not only makes the most of old electric car batteries, but also serves an opportunity to save money in the EV market by adding another revenue stream.