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MKL Motors are hiring

MKL Motors are hiring

engine mechanic

Here at MKL Motors we are currently looking to fill 2 positions:

  • Experienced Engine Rebuilder/Reconditioner: We are looking for a technician with experience in rebuilding and reconditioning both petrol and diesel vehicle engines. Someone who has the ability to work on engines from 4 cylinder size upto V8 engines. Someone with a good work ethic, and conducts himself with honesty and integrity.
  • Experienced Engine Fitter: We are looking for an experienced mechanic who has strong knowledge in the fitting of variety of engines and vehicles. Someone with a strong ability to diagnose problems. It is preferred that the fitter should have strong knowledge of the use of vehicle diagnostic equipment. We require someone with a good work ethic who conducts himself with honesty and integrity.

Prospective applicants can contact us by giving us a call on 0208 133 6004 or sending an email to:

Interesting Ford Transit facts

Whatever country a Ford vehicle is sold, the Ford Transit ranks amongst its biggest sellers. The Transit recently had its 50th anniversary within which time it has cemented itself as one of the most popular commercial vehicles.

1. In 1972 London’s Metropolitan Police complemented Ford Transit by calling it “Britain’s most wanted van.”

Ford Transit

2. Scotland Yard once described the Transit as the “perfect getaway vehicle” used in “95 per cent of bank raids”.

Transit Van

3. On October 1985, Sen’or Garcia, was caught by a freak snowstorm some 3000 metres up a mountain pass. He was forced to abandon his Ford Transit. The vehicle was subsequently buried under five metres of snow and could not be retrieved. More than six months later Garcia returned to that place and he was amazed to find that the Transit’s bodywork was only slightly damaged and the Transit started up at the first try and without further ado, he was able to drive it safely back home!

Ford Transit in snow

4. Steve Matthews used his Transit to leap over 15 old cars. The only modifications included removing of windows and gaffer taping the doors and bonnet.
Ford Transit leaping over cars

5. While moving two baby elephants at London Zoo in 1965, handlers turned to their Transit to get the job done.

Baby Elephants and Ford Transit

6. It travelled over 7,500 miles on the Sahara desert.
Ford Transit in Sahara

7. The first Ford Transit was built at Langley, Berks in 1965.

First Ford Transit

8. Ford took £33 million of Ford Transit orders before the production got started.

Ford Transit in Ford's production plant

9. When the Ford Transit was under development, its name was given as Project Redcap.
Inspired from Ford Transit Project Red Cap

10. Professor Reyner Banham once said, “If anthropologists and archaeologists continue to insist on evaluating civilisations by their artefacts, we deserve to be remembered by the Ford Transit.”
Ford Transit

11. Clarkson drove a Transit hover van up the River Avon on Top Gear.

Transit on river Avon

12. One out of every four vans sold in UK is a Ford Transit.
Ford Transit sold

13. A Czech driver, driving a Ford Transit once complained because his odometer stopped at 999,999km.

Ford Transit travelled 999999 km

14. The 1 ton Transit Custom was named “International Van of the Year” and was the first van in its class to receive a 5 star safety rating.
Ford Transit Custom

15. 48 students from Barking College near London set a record by squeezing themselves into a Transit minibus in 1965.

48 Students inside one Transit

16. The 2006 Transit, is the first van ever to offer a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) system, the best for icy winter conditions.

2006 Ford Transit van

17. The Ford Transit was used to carry out maintenance work on Swiss railways. It was identified that the distance between its front wheels would easily allow it to run on the rail tracks.
Ford Transit on rail track

18. Wildlife wardens used 1970 Transits to tour the grounds at Woburn Abbey Safari Park in the UK.

Ford Transit in wildlife sanctuary

19. Some Transits spent their entire life span working down in a salt mine in Cheshire, England. It used to transport people and explosives through miles of tunnels.

Ford Transit in salt mine

20. In 1985 some Ford apprentices from Dunton built a floating Transit to take part in the annual raft race at Southend, Essex.

Ford Transit in raft race

DVLA – Online Driving License Information Tool

DVLA driving licence checking tool

DVLA have released a really helpful online tool that allows you to check your driving license details online and will show you the following:

– Driving details e.g. vehicles you can drive
– Current and expired penalty points
– Disqualifications

Awesome tool for keeping track of your driving offenses to make sure you are within your points limit and to find out if any previous ones you had have now expired.

All you need is your driving license number, national insurance number and registered postcode and it will let you view all of your details online.

Simply submit these details on the DVLA link below and you are good to go:


Here at MKL Motors we offer our clients:

– Engine Replacements
– Gearbox Replacements
– Diagnostics
– Repairs
– Servicing
– Nationwide Vehicle Recovery

Please feel free to get in touch with us on 0208 133 6004 for a quote

Ford Transit Engine : The story

The Ford Transit is a range of light commercial vehicle, produced by the American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, which sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand.

Methods for large-scale manufacturing & management of cars were introduced by Ford using elaborately engineered manufacturing sequences.

A new nose and dashboard was given to the Transit as a major facelift in 1994, and the Ford Transit Engine featured a 2.0 L DOHC 8-valve as found in the 1994 to 1998 Ford Scorpio. It is similar to the earlier Sierra DOHC unit except the distributor and uses the updated OBD II-compliant EEC-V level engine control unit. Ford’s 16-valve engines generally those found in the Scorpio, Escort RS2000 and Galaxy were also based on this similar technology. Optional extras included- air conditioning, electric windows, central locking, electric mirrors and airbags.

The Reconditioned Ford turbo diesel version came in 85 PS (63 kW), 100 PS (74 kW) and 115 PS (85 kW) version with a fuel pump which was electronic.

On the Transit’s 30th anniversary in 1995, Ford released a limited edition model called the Transit Hallmark. Six hundred were made and were available in three colours with 200 being made in each year. The VE83 Transit was available in Europe up to 2000, but in Vietnam it was built up to 2003 after which it was exchanged in June for the new generation technology.
Transit 2006
The Transit’s Fourth generation, received a facelift to the body, introduced in August 2006, which included new front and rear lights, a new front end and a new decor featuring the gearstick on the dashboard and Ford’s new corporate radio design. Moreover, along with the style changes, the powertrains were revised. The old Transit Engine was replaced with one from the Ford Ranger, the front-wheel-drive diesel went from 2.0 to 2.2 litres capacity, and all diesel engines gained high-pressure common rail (TDCi) systems.

Reconditioned Ford Transit engines have become pretty popular in the engine replacement market and one of its biggest benefits is its affordability in comparison to a brand new engine. The quality aspect is not compromised as it is refurbished closer to its original new condition. Instead of discarding the old Ford Transit Engine, reconditioning is the best option to look for. Apart from reconditioned engines, the faulty engine can be replaced with used ones. The used engines are somewhat similar to reconditioned engines. Inspection is at a more superficial level however.

MKL Motors offers Ford Transit Reconditioned Engines for sale. All our Ford Transit Engines are supplied with quality in mind and a customer service experience to match.

Daimler is to Reuse Electric Car Batteries to Create Energy Storage Systems

Daimler AG—a German multinational automotive corporation—is planning to recycle old batteries from electric and plug-in hybrid cars to create power storage systems.

According to a renowned technology news and information website, the first of these storage facilities will be designed for commercial use. The same will be the biggest facility in the world to be powered by electric vehicle batteries. It will be connected to the electrical grid in Lunen, Germany.

The first “2nd use battery storage unit” will be created up by making use of 1,000 smart electric drive vehicle batteries. It will have a capacity of 13 million watt hours (MWh),

The energy generated will be stored and would be given back to the grid if it encounters weather or equipment failure. In this manner, it would prevent energy fluctuation in the process.

The company said that customers who have electric cars would receive a battery life of up to 10 years as per the model. “However, the battery systems are still fully operational after this point, as the low levels of power loss are only of minor importance when used in stationary storage,” Daimler added. “It is estimated that the unit can operate efficiently in a stationary application for at least another ten years.”

The company is going to receive support from battery-to-grid integrator The Mobility House AG, energy service provider GETEC and recycling company REMONDIS in order to complete the project successfully.

The company’s subsidiary Accumotive will be responsible for reprocessing about ,000 old lithium-ion batteries and wire them into groups of 46, each group is supposed to provide  600 kWh of energy.

It is a futuristic concept that not only makes the most of old electric car batteries, but also serves an opportunity to save money in the EV market by adding another revenue stream.

MKL Motors – Making Motoring Simple

The figures have shown that the Ford Transit is the UK’s most popular commercial van, and by some margin too. It’ has been the market leading van in the UK since 1965, over which time more than 2.2 million vans been sold and, incredibly, around 700,000 remain on the road. One in every four UK vans is a Ford Transit. 2013 saw the

Ford Transit

become the third bestselling name plate behind the Fiesta and the Focus. Its sales were so impressive that it even out-sold the BMW 3 Series. So its no co-incidence that there is a high demand for their engines.The price of fuel being what it is, every business is keen to use as little as possible and the Transit certainly measures up. The latest range adds super-efficient ECOnetic versions that emit as little as 169g/km of CO2 and return an impressive 44mpg.

The Transit range includes the Transit Courier, Transit Connect and also the Transit Custom which is a mid-sized panel van. There is now a staggering 450 Ford Transit variations from panel vans to minibuses. Within that huge number of variations there is a van to cater to every need.

Ford has successfully improved panel van loads by 10% across the range and added a range of new technology features which the make the vehicle a lot easier to drive. Features like Ford’s regenerative braking, Auto-Stop-Start, a gear shift indicator and acceleration control the efficiency performance but so does the latest 2.2 litre Duratorq found in the Transit models. The engine has managed to improve fuel economy by 6%.

Ford Transit Engines

For Sale:

Here at MKL Motors, we aim to offer high quality replacement Ford Transit Engines. However, due to the nature of the usage of commercial vans, its not always possible to find a good quality used Transit engine and the option of a brand new Transit engine is uneconomical due to their hefty price tag. But, by offering our customers reconditioned Ford Transit engines, we feel our clients are getting their best option. Simply put, a

reconditioned Ford Transit engine

is one that has been stripped, overhauled and rebuilt with new components. The level of rebuilding in each engine will vary from one to the next depending on their individual requirements. But the overall aim of the process is to rebuild then engine closer to its original factory condition. Meaning you are getting an engine which now essentially, has ‘zero’ miles.

Over the years we have developed strong experience in the field of engine reconditioning, and with a highly skilled engineering task force at our disposal, we are confident we can provide you with the

high quality Transit engine

that you need.

Those of us who have experienced an engine failure know how daunting the process can be, so we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services for our customers so that we can make their engine replacement process as quick and painless as possible.

Get in touch with our friendly sales for free expert advice and to discuss your needs further.