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Used Ford Transit Engines

Used Ford Transit Engines
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Kocaeli, Turkey (Ford Otosan) Claycomo, Missouri, U.S. (Kansas City Assembly) Yelabuga, Russia (Sollers-Ford)
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Cargo van, Passenger van ,Chassis cab, Cutaway van


Ford E-Series (North America)
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R3PA engine

There are now more than 450 Ford Transit variants from minibuses to panel vans. Somewhere in that huge line-up there is a Transit van for every occasion. When you combine the sales of the Transit Custom and the Transit Connect, you have the sixth biggest selling vehicle in the UK, more than the BMW 3 Series and only 600 behind the vastly popular VW Golf. Despite the wide variety of Transit models, the current range all use the 2.2 litre four cylinder diesel engine which comes in 3 power outputs and a six speed manual transmission.

Ford says that the Transit’s current range is now more car-like than any big Ford Van before it. The dash design will be familiar to most drivers of Ford non commercial vehicles. The steering wheel, instruments, audio controls and a lot of the switch gear is actually all lifted straight out of the car range. Its biggest claim to being car-like is in the vehicles refinement. You actually only hear the engine at the top end of its output and the cabin is free from wind and road noise. The ride itself is considered to be very smooth even with loads upto 500k and the steering is consistent and precise.

Ford has now improved panel van load volumes by 10% across the range, added a raft of new technology features and made the van easier to drive.  The biggest Transit Jumbo models are still not quite on the scale of its largest rivals, many of which offer more powerful engine options as well, but the Transit’s efficiency is a match for anything out there. It’s an impressive feat of engineering by Ford.

With a narrow powerband of 700rpm, it means that gearchanges on any steep inclines will need to be frequent. Fortunately though, the dash mounted gear-lever is well placed and is easy to slot into gear. On the more important issue of carrying loads, the Transit does a great job. The rear doors open to 180 degrees, once an additional catch is used, and the large rear step means that its easy to jump in and out of it. The large sliding door only help that further, so does the range of tie-down points and full ply-lining.

The only real criticisms of the Transits are the seats, which although are surprisingly comfortable, they could do with a greater degree of lateral comfort for passengers.

Here at MKL Motors, we aim to offer high quality used replacement Ford Transit Engines.

Used Ford Transit Engines for Sale:

Over the years we have developed strong experience in the field, and with a highly skilled engineering task force at our disposal, we are confident we can source a good quality replacement to provide you with the high quality Transit engine that you need.

Those of us who have experienced an engine failure know how daunting the process can be, so we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services for our customers so that we can make their engine replacement process as quick and painless as possible.